Mapping custom answers to HubSpot properties


If you want responses from your Calendly form to map to additional fields you may use in HubSpot, such as job function, company name, or industry, you can use HubSpot Workflows. That way, responses will update in your selected property fields for your contact property or company property. This article outlines the necessary steps.

Before you begin 

Steps to map custom answers

Log in to HubSpot

  1. Log in to your HubSpot account.
  2. Navigate to Automation, and select Workflows.

    HubSpot Workflows.png

Create an Enrollment Trigger and:

  1. Select Activity Property as filter type.
  2. Select Meeting name.
  3. Select Contains any of.
  4. Add new/Create option Calendly.
  5. Select Apply Filter.

Then, add an Action and:

  1. Scroll to Contact properties.
  2. Select Copy contact property value.
  3. Set the Source contact property to a Calendly value, such as (Calendly Custom Answer 1, 2, 3...10). 
  4. Set the Target Property Type to Contact Property.
  5. Set the Target Property to a specific HubSpot contact property you want to populate with a value from one of previously copied Calendly custom answers. (For example, you should select Job Function as the specific contact property if you have a related Calendly custom question on your booking form, "What is your job function?").


Once you are complete with your workflow, you can run a test and enroll an existing contact to see if it would meet the enrollment criteria based on the workflow you created:


Once the workflow is saved, you can choose to enroll newly added contacts who meet the trigger criteria or enroll pre-existing contacts who already meet the trigger criteria. Depending on your selection, this will either map Calendly's custom answers to contact or company properties on newly added HubSpot contacts moving forward or pre-existing HubSpot contacts as of now.


Once the workflow is turned on, any new Calendly meeting that is scheduled will be passed to HubSpot with "Calendly" in its meeting name and enrolled into the workflow. The Calendly custom answer you've specified will be copied to the specific HubSpot contact property field you've designated.