Getting started hub for admins and owners

Welcome to your Getting Started Hub! We're excited to help you get set up with some of Calendly's key features, so you can see the ROI - like saving 12.8 minutes (or $16) per meeting!

Here in the hub you'll find the resources and guidance you need to: standardize scheduling for your team, create efficient and scalable processes, and ensure your team has the tools they need to get up and running quickly.


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Set up your account

Deliver a professional scheduling experience for prospects and invitees

Add company branding

Connect Calendly with the tools your team uses day-to-day

Set up integrations and connect the rest with Zapier

Centralize information on your leads and contacts

Get started with Salesforce

Get started with Hubspot

Keep your team(s) organized in Calendly for easy reporting

Create Groups

Onboard your team members faster and ensure consistent messaging.

Create and assign a managed event

Become the resident Calendly expert

Learn the basics from setting up your account to scheduling a meeting using Calendly

Watch a User Onboarding training

Create an excellent booking experience for your invitees

Create and preview an event type

Does your team host a variety of meetings?

Review Best Practices by Industry for recommendations to solve your unique scheduling needs

Calendly roll out and team onboarding

Effectively roll out Calendly to your org

Customize and share this email announcement and onboarding checklist with your team

Get your team into Calendly

Invite your users

Help your team get set up correctly

Connect your calendar(s)

Set up collaborative scheduling and meeting automations for your team

Set up Teams

Set up Workflows

Track your team's usage and ROI

Customize your analytics dashboard for the insights you care most about


Resources for a successful rollout

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Frequently asked questions

How will Calendly know when I (or anyone on my team) is available?
If you or a team member has their calendar connected, Calendly will automatically "see" when you are busy or available. That availability will be displayed on your event's booking page.
How can I access my booking links to share with my invitees?
Booking links can be accessed from My Calendly, our mobile applications, or browser extensions.
Where can I view booked meetings for my team?
Booked meetings can be seen by selecting yourself or a team member, and clicking the Scheduled events tab.
How can I see if my team is using Calendly?
Calendly comes with an analytics dashboard for viewing data on booked meetings, and can be filtered by event, user, or group.
I want to train my team on how to use Calendly. How should I go about that and what content is important to share?
Check out our user guides, attend an onboarding session, or join our weekly new user webinar!
What if my team needs more than a one-on-one event?
Calendly allows for the creation of more than just one-on-one events!
What are the different ways I can share my link?
We have seen users share links via SMS messages, email signatures, or by adding times to an email. You can also embed your booking page, allowing users to book directly on your website
How can I add/control my team's branding?
You are able to add your company logo to your account. This will apply your logo on your users' booking pages.
I want to embed Calendly on my website- how can I do that?
Embedding your Calendly pages on a website is easy! All you need to do is choose the booking page you want to embed, select Share, and hit Add to website. Then just pick your embed style and copy the code that is presented on the next screen into your site. We have some help articles for advanced embed questions you can use to reference, as well.
How do I manage my team's bookings should I need to reschedule or cancel a meeting?
To cancel or reschedule a meeting on someone's behalf, navigate to their page by clicking the dropdown menu from My Calendly, then select the event from their Scheduled events tab. Under the event Details, you can reschedule or cancel the event.

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