How to automatically send a text message to invitees

  1. From your Home page, select Workflows, then Create your own workflow.

  2. At When this happens select the condition that causes the workflow to run.

  3. At How Long…? select the timing for when the workflow runs.

  4. At Do this, select Send text to invitee, then select Next.

  5. At Workflow Name, enter a name for the workflow.

  6. At Which event types will this apply to, select each event type that you want to use this workflow, then select Apply. 

  7. In the Do this section, select Edit to customize the text message as desired.

  8. At Choose a template, select a text message template or create your own with Custom.

  9. To automatically add information from your event type or information about your invitees to the message, place your mouse pointer where you want to add the data, select Variables then choose an item from the list and Calendly will replace them with actual values from your event or invitees. Repeat this step to add additional variables.

  10. To add more actions, click Add action, repeat steps 8 through 10, then click Next.

  11. Select Done, then Save.