How to set up an One- off meeting using the mobile app (iOS only)

  1. At the bottom of the mobile homepage, select One-off Meeting.

  2. To change the duration of the meeting, select 30 min and choose an appropriate Timeslot duration. Select Done to save your changes. 

  3. Then, select Add location to define where or how the meeting will take place. (e.g. a phone number, video conference URL, or a physical address/location). Select Done to save your changes. NOTE: One-off meetings in the mobile app do not pull integrated location data (such as connected Zoom URLS, phone numbers, etc.)

  4. Select the dates and times you’d like to offer for your meeting. Select up to 5 dates and up to 20 time slots.

  5. Select Share.

  6. Select how you would like to share your Ad-hoc meeting link.
    Note: if sharing your link via email or text, your default message will be attached to your link.

Once the ad hoc meeting is booked, the link will expire and the event will appear in your Scheduled events. See How to view scheduled events in the mobile app.