How to copy a single-use link from the mobile app

Before you begin...

A single-use link generates a custom URL that can only be used once. As soon as the invitee books with this link, the link will expire as soon as the invitee books the meeting. You can read more about single-use links here.

  1. From the mobile homepage, locate the event type you would like to share and select it.

  2. From the list of options, select More share options.

    Mobile - More Options.png

  3. Select the checkbox next to Let this link expire after first booking.


  4. Next, select how you would like to share your link. You can:

    • Copy link 
    • Send email
    • Send text
    • Create QR code 
    • Share via...

Once the meeting is booked, the link will expire and the event will appear in your Scheduled events.