Managing users outside of your Calendly organization

If your domain is verified in your Calendly account, you will have visibility into the users on your domain using Calendly. This list is available from the Domain Control tab within Organization Settings. 

The button will create a .csv file that will be emailed to you.

Best practices

If you have users outside of your managed Calendly account that are signing in with your domain , this is a good opportunity to invite them to join. This will not only grant you more visibility into their usage, but will also require them to sign in via your SSO policies. Plus, your users will get access to all of Calendly’s Enterprise features, event types, and integrations.

We recommend sorting your .csv file by last event and inviting all users whose last event is within 60 days which tells you that they are actively scheduling with Calendly. This helps eliminate any extra or test accounts a user within your org might have created in the past.

To invite users

  1. copy all the email addresses of users you want to add.
  2. Then go to the Admin Management screen and select + New user.Screenshot
  3. Paste all the email addresses in, and continue with the add new user flow, adding them to groups, giving them managed events, etc.


Only solo accounts on Calendly’s free or essentials/standard plan are able to receive invitations to join your org at this time. For other users, or consolidation options, please contact your Customer Success representative.