Calendly for Revenue Teams

Is your sales or marketing team under pressure? You're not alone. Whether you think about pipelines, funnel, or ARR, the common factor is the same: people! Nothing can happen if prospects and customers can't speak to the right person at the right time. This doesn't account for all the other work you have in a day. Do you feel like you can't manage your life, your work, and your objectives?

We've been there. We can help with that.


Key statistics


“I use that [time saved] towards sales activities and focus much more on how I gain revenue rather than how I tactically schedule the meetings that lead to revenue.”

—Regional Vice President, SaaS

  • Lyft doubled their inbound lead conversion rate.
  • Cengage increased their annual customer retention by 30 percent.
  • Signpost shortened their sales cycle by 50 percent.
  • Ancestry shortened their account manager handoff time by 50 percent.

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calendly_shapes19.png Need help converting leads?

One of your business' top priorities is to convert leads into paying customers. But managing leads can be time-consuming, and often overwhelming. With the help of Calendly, you can simplify the process of converting leads. Customers have seen the time to schedule a single meeting decrease by 12.8 minutes, and $16 saved for every meeting scheduled. What would you do with the extra 34 and a half days out of the year saved by using Calendly? 

The strategies below can provide you peace of mind and control of your business's revenue. Calendly can cut down the time it takes to schedule appointments across your entire team. This means more time for cultivating meaningful connections that lead to increased revenue.

Stage Resources
Inbound: Create personalized experiences to attract potential customers and nurture them into loyal customers using our embed options, team events, and CRM integrations.
Outbound: Proactively reach out to potential customers who may not have discovered your brand through organic channels, and initiate a conversation that can ultimately lead them to becoming satisfied customers.
Routing: Ensure that leads are promptly contacted and nurtured in a personalized manner that is tailored to their specific needs and interest by using Routing Forms, all while ushering them through the sales funnel towards becoming a paying customer. 

calendly_shapes23.png Want to progress opportunities faster?

It's not only about turning more prospects into customers. You also have to get them through that process faster. By putting Calendly where it counts, you can have more eyes on your availability. Setting up Calendly Workflows standardize pre- and post- meeting communication. Plus, you can assign them to all your events, so no meeting misses a message. Calendly can reduce your time spent scheduling by 73%, which means more time can be spent on prospecting and other elements of your sales cycle.

Progress opportunities via... Resources 
Sales Cycle Speed: Scheduling automation, workflows, meeting polls, and integrations helps you work better, faster, and smarter.
Discovery: Get in front of prospects where they already are with routing forms and embeds.

Show Rate: Put prospect ghosting in the past by syncing with them at the right time with the right person.

calendly_shapes40__3_.png Looking to improve handoffs?

It is important to set the right tone for your customer relationships with seamless transitions throughout your business process. The transfer of information is crucial to ensuring all of your teams are on the same page to best assist your customers. Calendly can help streamline communication and also ensure leads don't slip through the cracks. We have seen the amount of time spent scheduling go from 7.6 hours a week down to 2.1! 

Stage Resources 
Partner: Turn prospects into potential clients at the right time, with the right team.
Close: Transition customers from Sales/AE's to Implementation & Service with ease. 
Follow Up: Implementing a consistent and unified follow up will help your team keep momentum, improve engagement and prevent no-shows.