How to edit managed event types

In this article we will walk you through managed event type settings and the changes that can be made within them.

Before you start

  • You must be a Calendly owner or admin to make changes to managed events. 

Where to edit a managed event type

To open your managed event editor:

  1. Navigate to your Admin center.
  2. Select Managed Events.
  3. Select the managed event you are looking to edit.

Event type editor sections

When creating Calendly managed event types for your team, you are creating a set of parameters for when you want meetings to be booked. Within our managed event type editor, there are 6 different sections that can be customized to ensure you book your meetings as desired. These sections are:

1. What event is this?
This section of your managed event editor is where you can change the following settings:

  • Event name
    • Assign what you would like the event to be called.
      Managed Event Name.png

  • Event Location
    • Choose where you would like the event to take place.
      Managed Event Location.png
  • Event description/Instructions
    • Add an event description to let your invitees know details about the type of event they will be scheduling with you.
      Managed Event Description.png

  • Event URL
    • Edit the event URL
      Managed Event URL.png

  • Event color
    • Categorize your events within Calendly by color.
      Managed Event Color in Calendly.png
2. When can people book this event?
This section of your managed event editor is where you can review hosts that are assigned to an event, and make additional availability customizations. Here you can edit:

  • Date range
    • Control the range of dates that appear for scheduling on your scheduling link.
      Managed Event Date Range.png
  • Event duration
    • Designate how long your event will be (event runtime).
      Managed Event Duration.png
  • How do you want to offer your availability for this event type?
    • Assign how you want availability to be set up for your team.
      Managed Event Availability Set Up.png
  • Want to add time before or after your events? (Buffers)
    • Designate extra time that can be appended before and/or after a Calendly event.
      Managed Event Buffers.png
  • Additional rules for your availability
    Managed Event - Additional Rules for Availability.png
    • Start time increments
      • Control how available start times appear on your booking page. For example, if this setting is set to 20 mins, the time slots that appear on your booking page would be 1:00, 1:20, 1:40, etc.
        Managed Event Start Time Increments.png
    • Scheduling conditions
      • Set up a specific amount of time that is required to be notified before an event takes place. If you like requiring a 24 hour notice, this is the setting for you.
        Managed Event Minimum Notice.png
    • Maximum allowed events per day for this type of event
      • Limit the number of times a particular event can be scheduled per day.
        Managed Event Max Events Per Day.png
    • Time zone display
      • Calendly will automatically detect the time zone of invitees when they visit your booking page. However, you do have the option to lock the timezone for your event which we do recommend for in-person events.
        Managed Event Time Zone Display.png
    • Secret Event
      • Set an event as secret to ensure the only invitees who are able to book with you are those you share the link with. The secret event setting gives you the ability to prevent an event type from displaying on your Calendly booking page. This means only invitees you have manually sent a scheduling link to can access this specific event. 
        Managed Event Secret Event.png
3. Invitee Questions
In this section of your event editor you can make changes to what information you request from your invitees when scheduling a meeting. Here you can edit:

Managed Event Name Input Editor Highlight.png
  • Invitee Name Questions
    • Change Name Input structure
      Managed Event Name Input Structure .png

    • Autofill Information
    • Allow Invitee to Add Guests
      Managed Event Booking Page Information Settings.png

  • Invitee Questions
    • Collect additional information rom your invitees by asking invitee questions.
      Managed Event Invitee Questions.png
4. Notifications and Cancellation Policy
This section of your managed event editor is where you can adjust the booking notifications for your Calendly event. Here you can edit:

  • Email confirmations/Calendar invitations
    • Determine the type of notification that is sent when a new event is booked! The two types of 'new event' notifications include email confirmations and calendar invitations. 
      Managed Event Booking Confirmation .png

  • Email Cancellations
    • Ensure Email notifications are sent to your invitee when an even gets canceled. 
      Managed Event Email Cancellation .png
  • Email Reminders
    • Designate times to send out email reminders for your event.
      Managed Event Email Reminders.png

  • Email Follow-Up
    • Automate email follow-ups to be sent to your invitees after an event has taken place.
      Managed Event Email Follow-Up.png

  • Text Reminders
    • Set up text reminders to be sent to your invitees for your event.
      Managed Event Text Reminders.png

  • Cancellation Policy
    Managed Event Show Cancellation Policy.png

    • Cancel & Reschedule links settings
      • Determine whether or not to include cancel/reschedule links within your invitee notifications. If you choose to include these links, you can also write out your cancellation policy for your event.
        Managed Event Cancellation Policy Details.png

5. Confirmation Page
This section of your managed event editor is where you can adjust the booking confirmation page for your managed event. Here you can edit:

  • On confirmation
    • Choose whether to display Calendly's booking confirmation page upon scheduling or redirect your invitees to another site. 
      Managed Event Confirmation Page Redirect Option.png

  • Display button to schedule another event?
    • Add the Schedule another event link to your booking page for invitee to schedule another date/time with you. (Typically used to allow invitees to schedule multiples time for the same event).
      Managed Event Confirmation Page Schedule Another Event.png

  • Add a custom link
    • Add a custom link to your booking page to share other resources for invitees or to share additional information from your company website.
      Managed Event Confirmation Page Custom Link.png
6. Collect Payments
This section of your managed event editor is where you can set up payment collection for your managed event. Here you can edit the following settings:

  • Payment Collection Method 
    • Choose which payment integration will be used to collect payments.
      Managed Event Payment Collction Method.png
  • Payment Amount & Currency
    • Assign an amount and currency to e collected for an event.
      Managed Event Payment Collction Amount and Currency.png
  • Payment Terms
    • Provide invitees with important information such as rescheduling and cancellation policies in regards to payment.
      Managed Event Payment Collection Terms.png

Once you have these parameters defined & customized, your managed event is ready to assign!

Additional managed event settings

Locking Managed Events Event Language Assigning Managed Events

Managed event lock functionality acts as both a lock and sync functionality, if something is not locked, any updates you make will not sync to other users.
Locking Managed Calendly Events.png

  • If you don't lock a section, other users will be able to edit it.
  • If you update a section that is not locked, the update will not push over to other users.
  • If a user modifies an unlocked section, and then you decide to lock and update a section, you updates as the admin/owner will override the changes made by the other user.

Locking a Managed Event.gif