Syncing scheduled event data to Marketo


Calendly sends scheduled event data to Marketo, allowing you to seamlessly connect your lead and meeting data. Once enabled, Calendly will automatically update lead records in Marketo with scheduled event activity and provide Calendly triggers, enabling you to create Smart Lists, set up re-targeting Campaigns, and start new Programs in Marketo. 

Before you begin 

To sync Calendly event data to Marketo, you must meet the following requirements: 

  • Marketo API user with read and write permissions. 
  • Marketo account with no more than 8 custom activity types.
  • Syncing scheduled event data to Marketo is only available for organizations on our Teams and Enterprise plans. Check out our Pricing and plans page for more information.
  • Only organization owners and admins can enable syncing scheduled event data to Marketo from the Integrations page

How it works 

When Syncing data is enabled in Calendly, Calendly will create two Custom Actvities in Marketo:

  • Calendly Submit Routing Form 
  • Calendly Schedule Event
Steps to view Custom Activities  
  1. From Marketo, navigate to the Admin panel. 
  2. From Database Management, select Marketo Custom Activites
  3. Under Marketo Custom Activites in the side panel on the right-hand side, the two Calendly Custom Activities will be listed.


When a Marketo form connected to Calendly is submitted and/or an event is scheduled with any event type in the Calendly organization, the data will be sent to Marketo and logged as an activity under the person/lead that took the action. Calendly will search for a lead record in Marketo using the provided email address. 

  • If a match is found, the record will be updated with the associated form submission and/or scheduled event. 
  • If no match is found, Calendly will not create a lead and no activity will be logged.  
Steps to view data 
  1. From Marketo, navigate to the Database panel. 
  2. From System Smart Lists, select All People
  3. From the People tab, select a person. 
  4. From the Person Actions tabs, select View Person Details.

  5. Select Activity Log to view the data. 


Set up 

In order to sync scheduled event data to Marketo, you will first need to integrate your Marketo account from the Integrations page. To do this, you will need three sets of alpha-numeric codes: Client ID, Client Secret, and Munchkin ID#. 

Note: Check out this help center article for more information on finding your Marketo Credentials: Finding your Marketo credentials.


Steps to enable syncing 
  1. From your Calendly Home page, navigate to the Integrations page
  2. From the list of integrations, select the Marketo forms tile. 
  3. To push Calendly events to Marketo, enable Syncing data


To learn more about syncing scheduled event data to Marketo, check out Syncing scheduled event data to Marketo FAQs