Let invitees choose who to meet with using Routing Forms


Allowing invitees to choose who they want to meet with has never been easier, thanks to Routing Forms. Routing Forms let you request information such as industry, company size, specific interests, etc. from website visitors and automatically direct them to a specific scheduling or web page based on their responses. This functionality can also be used to provided your invitees with the ability to select who they want to meet with based on their unique needs, providing them with a personalized experience and ensuring they schedule with the right person every time. This can help increase engagement and improve the overall experience for all parties involved.  

For example, give invitees the option to choose among:

  • Members of a technical support team that have different specialties
  • Teachers or faculty staff for advising or counseling 
  • Members of a sales team that represent different regions 

Creating a Routing Form 


Before you begin…

  • Only owners, admins, and group admins can create Routing Forms (but all users can share them). More on roles can be found here.
  • You'll need to be on a Teams or Enterprise plan.
  • From the Routing Forms tab, all users in the account can view and share any Routing Form.
  • For a user to edit a form, owners or admins must grant them editing permissions.
Step 1: Build your intake form 

Through a series of questions, the intake form is where you will collect information from your invitees and give them the option to choose who they would like to meet with.  

For step-by-step instructions on how to build your intake form, check out How to set up Routing Forms.
Step 2: Set up routing rules for your team members

Once you have created your intake form, you will want to set up your routing rules for each team member, ensuring that the appropriate Routing Form questions and answers correspond with the desired team member and their event type.

For additional information about the different types of routes you can establish, check out How to set up Routing Forms.
Step 3: Publish and Share

After establishing your routing logic, it's time to publish and share. Invitees who complete your Routing Form will be able to schedule with the host of their choosing based on the form and logic you have created. 

For further details regarding publishing and sharing a Routing Form, check out How to set up Routing Forms

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