Calendly Outlook Add-in


Calendly’s Outlook add-in makes it easy to schedule meetings without ever leaving your inbox. From your Outlook toolbar, you can access your scheduling links or create a customized invitation for your invitee to choose from.


The Outlook add-in is separate from the Outlook plug-in, which is for connecting Calendly directly to your Outlook calendars to check for conflicts and add events and needs to be installed separately. See our help center article on the Outlook plug-in for more details.

Install the add-in

To get started, choose your supported version of Office or Outlook below. Click the Store icon on the Outlook ribbon within your email client, or visit the Microsoft AppSource store. Next, search for Calendly and select Get it now from the listing page.

Office 365 Outlook
for Windows
for Mac
Outlook 2013
for Windows

Outlook 2016
for Mac & Windows

Outlook 2019
for Mac & Windows


Adhoc meetings

Create an adhoc event invitation that can only be booked once, giving you more flexibility for scheduling on the fly.

While drafting a new email, open the Calendly for Outlook add-in and select New Adhoc Meeting. Specify the duration and location of the event, then select the time slots you would like to offer. From here, you can create a link to share with your invitees or add the invitation to an email.


Manage pending adhoc invitations

You can manage your pending adhoc invitations using the add-in. Access this page at any time from the drop-down menu next to your icon. View the invitations you have sent, or cancel them before your invitee has booked.


Team adhoc BETA

Team scheduling is easier with Calendly’s collective adhoc feature (currently in BETA). Create an impromptu meeting invitation that includes multiple team members without having to shuffle through their calendars. Open the extension to create a New Adhoc Meeting, then add the location and duration of the event. Locate the Add Team Members button next to your avatar in the top left corner to choose up to eight additional people.


The calendar will update with your colleagues’ availability as you select them so you can choose the time slots that suit everyone on your team.