Assigning meeting shifts to team members


If your team members work different hours, you can use shifts to assign them to separate intervals of availability. Shifts allow everyone to remain on the same team and team event type even though their location or working hours may vary.

Add shifts to team event types

Visit your Event Types page and navigate to the Team tab. Select the event you would like to update, then expand the When can people book this event? section to view the availability settings. Calendly will automatically assign all team members to each time this event is offered.

Select the day you would like to update user shifts, then add the intervals to suit your team. Click Show to display the list of users assigned to that event type, then deselect anyone who will not be accepting meetings during that specific interval.

In this example, Jacob will accept these meetings from 9am-2pm, while Zach will be available 12pm-5pm. These shifts overlap, so we created a separate interval for each combination of team members.


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