Calendly's Essentials plan


What is the Essentials plan?

Calendly's Essentials plan is for the single user who wants to save themselves time and add polish to their scheduling process. Because it is a single seat plan, you cannot add other users to an Essentials subscription. For that, you would want to look into a professional or teams plan.

The Essentials plan includes:

  • 2 calendar connections
  • unlimited active event types
  • one-on-one event types
  • the multi-invitee group event type
  • adding cancellation policies to your scheduling page 
  • redirecting invitees from a confirmation page
  • reminder and follow-up email notifications

Essentials use cases

 You might use the Essentials plan to:

  • set up an event type offered in multiple languages
  • host a multi-person class or webinar
  • do freelance work with more than one client